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Making the decision to finally tie the knot with the girl you love is only the beginning of the journey that will culminate in the moment you say "I do".

From picking your tuxedo to choosing the perfect cake, you'll likely spend months planning all of the specific details of your big day. While the end result will make all of your hard work worth it, it can definitely be tricky to keep track of all of the different elements of your wedding day. You'll want to organize your time and energy effectively in the months before your ceremony, in order to accomplish everything that needs to be done.

The specifics of the actually wedding service are some of the most crucial elements of the planning for your wedding day. From the color of the bridesmaid's dresses to the music your bride will down the aisle to, there are a million different details you'll need to sort out. Fortunately, most brides have dreamt of their wedding day their entire lives, and will be happy to take care of many of the specifics of your ceremony. Nevertheless, you'll likely need to be prepared to vet your bride's choices, and may want to voice your own opinions in making the key decisions for the ceremony.

Once the wedding and reception have been pulled off, you'll want to take the time to thank the individuals who took part in your big day. While thank you letters to the gift givers is a given requirement, you'll also need to reflect upon the token gifts you'd like to give those who participated in making your day special.

The groomsmen's gifts will likely be your responsibility.
Consider giving gifts that will reflect your relationships with your groomsmen. You may even want to give an elegant gift such as personalized wedding cuff links, which your groomsmen will be able to wear again and again. Regardless of what you choose, be certain to choose a thoughtful and appropriate gift.

Planning a wedding is hard work, and you'll certainly be thankful for the honeymoon once all is said and done. Organisation will no doubt prove a fundamental key in keeping your sanity. By effectively planning the work you have to do, you can avoid over-stressing about all of the elements that need to come into place, and instead focus on celebrating your big day.

It's always helpful to write lists of all the tasks you need to do. As the groom you are a center pin for many of the arrangements and a key communication channel for many of the most important wedding party members; especially the best man, the groomsmen and the page boys. The more you invest (time and effort) into these relationships, the more likely you are to be rewarded. Your best man should naturally be willing to assist with as much of the planning as possible; so make sure you get the best out of his skills and energy.

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